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How much should I feed my dog?

Updated: May 28, 2022

This is probably one of the most asked questions we get so it makes sense that it should be the first topic on the blog!

In a nutshell, most adult dogs require between 2-3% of their body weight of food per day depending on their activity levels & breed. We recommend starting with 2.5% and monitoring your dogs weight. Part of their food allowance should include around 10% raw edible bone.

Puppies less than 4 months require around 6.5% of their body weight of food per day.

From 4 - 12 months they require around 4-6% of their body weight depending on activity levels & breed. Part of their food allowance should include around 15% raw edible bone.

Feeding your dog does not need to be an exact science - think about your own diet! Our raw food mixes have been formulated to provide everything your dog needs and more. When it comes to bones, we would recommend 2-3 appropriate bones per week.

Owners tend to worry whether they are feeding their dog enough - if your dog is not interested in their food, there is a good chance they may be getting overfed. Always monitor your dogs weight and adjust their daily food allowance as required to maintain a healthy weight. Of course, if your dog has not eaten for several days, is not drinking, appears lethargic or just doesn't seem well within themselves, a vet visit is always advised.

Next time we will take a deep dive into what a healthy weight looks like and ways we can help our dogs maintain or achieve this.

Give your dogs a smooch from us!

Deb & Paul

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