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Terms of Services


Busy Pawz will deliver dog training sessions as stipulated in the booking description to our clients. Measurable progress toward the goal of the session/s is dependent on the client playing the games given as homework for at least 3–5 minutes daily. Note, this is not a guarantee. There are no guarantees in dog training! You are working with living, breathing and amazing animals attached to incredible humans trying their best. A guarantee would be misleading because of the variables. We will set realistic goals for you and your dog that are achievable. 


By using our services, the client confirms that all information given about themselves and their dog is true, correct and up to date. The client agrees to disclose any behavioural issues relating to your dog in particular any dangerous temperament you dog may have. If the dog damages property, bites, or harms any person or animal at the training venue, the Client will be held responsible for all payments and legal fees. 


The Trainer reserves the right to discontinue training if the Dog injures people or other animals, or if the Dog is considered a threat to people or other animals. By booking and paying for any dog training service you agree to these terms.


To maintain consistency and commitment, sessions will have a 3-month expiration period. If you need extended support, such as pre- and post-baby training, please let me know during our initial session. 


Photographs and/or video may be taken during training sessions, and may be included on social media platforms and/or website. Please advise if you do not wish you or your dog to be photographed or filmed

Our Team


Our preference is online payments however you may choose to make a payment offline.

Training: If you would like to pay cash, please make sure you have the correct amount on the day of your training session. Transfers need to be made/cleared prior to training sessions.

Shop Orders: Products will not be shipped until offline payment has cleared. 

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