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Be your dog's SUPERHERO!

Helping owners understand their dog's behaviour and how to effectively support them through mindful training, good management and proper nutrition.

Our training goes beyond obedience training ... it's about understanding and meeting your dogs needs (mentally and physically) and building strong relationships. 

Qualified Dog Trainer specialising in games-based pet dog training with a passion for helping anxious and fearful dogs.

Managing your dog is an important skill for dog owners, and part of that is having quality equipment.

At Busy Pawz, we offer a range of handmade collars and leads, made with love and durable materials, to help you and your furry friend enjoy walks and training sessions together

Healthy Diet

Did you know a dogs diet can affect their behaviour? Ensuring your dog receives a well-balanced diet is crucial for not only behaviour but overall health.

At Busy Pawz, we understand the importance of nutrition, offering guidance and quality food /treat options to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

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