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How We Train

Play • Learn • Thrive

At Busy Pawz, we believe the blending of good health and kind training goes together like lock and key. Building a strong relationship with your dog plays a pivotal role in their training success and there is NO better way of growing an amazing relationship than through GAMES!

Through games we will grow ....



Calmness is King 👑

When a dog is calm, they ALWAYS make appropriate choices - a calm dog is a happy dog!


When a dog presumes something new is good rather than something to worry about, they are optimistic! Dogs need optimism in today's world to be successful.



It's none of you business! 

Whether you are on a walk, the postman drops by or the neighbours kids make weird noises, disengagement is the key 🗝


Transform your dogs's desire to be far away into wanting to be close! The world is a great place to explore and have fun but there is nothing more fun than YOU!



A focussed and engaged dog is going to struggle less with what the world throws their way - whether it is being focussed on YOU or focussed in what they are doing

and so much more!

Free Resource

Using your dog’s daily food allowance provides a pot full of awesome opportunities to let your dog know they did a great job! Being able to catch and reward your dog when they are doing something right will supercharge your training results & strengthen your connection.

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