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Unlock Your Dog's Potential
Without Stress & Overwhelm

Your Path to a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog

Are you ready to solve your dog struggles? If you need immediate, personalised help to address your dog's specific behaviour issues, I'm here for you.

Book a one-on-one consultation via zoom and start seeing real results.

Are you feeling ....

🥴 LOST with what to do to help your dog?

😵‍💫 CONFUSED with all the conflicting advice online? 

😫 FRUSTRATED with your dog's jumping up on everything and everyone?

😰 OVERWHELMED with your dog's high energy and excitement?

🥺 ANXIOUS about leaving your dog home alone or just in another room?

😔 GUILTY that you are not providing a good home for your dog?

😖 STRESSED at the thought that you may need to re-home your dog?

😕 WORRIED about attending group classes


Busy Pawz supports pet dog owners and their dogs to live happily together, no matter what that looks like for you and your dog. You get one-on-one help without the stress of attending group classes. This personalised approach is perfect for anxious dogs and owners alike.

Here's how I can help, all in the comfort of your home via Zoom:

💚 Kind & Positive Training Methods: Grow strong relationships through compassionate, reward-based techniques.

🐶 Training with Games: Engage your dog in fun activities that encourage better behaviour and decision-making.

🥣 Holistic Approach: Incorporate mental and physical wellness for a balanced, happy dog.

🙂 No Judgement: We meet you and your dog where you are on your journey, supporting you every step of the way.


I totally get it - it seems weird to have a training session with your trainer in another room! So let me put your mind at ease ... there's actually some benefits too!

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Family Involvement: Record the session to share with family members who can't attend and review it at your convenience.

😃 Owner-Focused Training: My training focuses on empowering you to understand and support your dog better, so in-person dog interactions aren't always necessary.

🏠 Home Assessment: I can still observe your home setup and offer personalised suggestions.

🐶 Comfortable Environment: Your dog remains in their familiar environment, reducing stress and distraction. Especially helpful for anxious and fearful dogs.

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Meet Your Trainer

Nationally recognised Cert III in Dog Behaviour & Management qualification as well as certified Pro Dog Trainer specialising in games-based pet dog training with a passion for helping anxious and fearful dogs.

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How I Train

Working with your dog to engage and motivate them to make better choices. Learning through games builds real-life, translatable skills without using harsh training methods or ignoring unwanted behaviours. 

Got any questions or concerns? Feel free to get in touch ...
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