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Raw Food Shop

Our mission is to provide dogs with the benefits of a raw food diet without the hassle.

Dogs deserve to eat healthy food too...


  • Pick-up instructions: When picking up food, please specify your preferred day and time in the comments. Orders will be placed in the blue esky at the front gate for flexible pickup.

  • Recycling policy: We DO NOT accept containers for recycling due to the extensive washing required. Please recycle containers in your yellow bins.

Raw Food Mix.png

Balanced & Nutritious

Our ready made mixes have been carefully formulated to give your doggos everything they need and more!


Nature's Toothbrush

We offer a range of delicious chews including brisket bone, chicken frames and more exciting new products coming soon!


Gone Fishing!

Raw feeders love to supplement their dog’s diet with fish because of the omega-3 benefits. Oily fish like wild sardines are popular for this reason.


Healthy Treats

Our training treats are made from our mixes which means there are no hidden additives or nasties - dogs love them!



Not sure how much to feed? Or want to know what's in our food ... this is the place to look!

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