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Raw feeding myths .... busted!


My dog will get Salmonella poisoning!

Your dog isn’t any more likely to get sick from eating raw meat than he is from eating kibble. In fact, according to reports by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), just over 30,000,000 kilograms (yes, you read that right!) of pet food in the USA was recalled in 2021. Of that 99% was kibble compared to 0.027% of the recalled food being raw food.

That aside, dogs have highly acidic stomachs as well as natural digestive enzymes to help them process Salmonella and other bacteria without becoming ill. With a stomach pH of around 1.5, which may be up to 100 times more acidic than humans, dogs are fully capable of eliminating the vast majority of pathogenic bacteria.

Regardless, sensible hygiene should always be practised. Be sure to clean utensils, dishes and surfaces used to prepare your dog’s food, and of course the bowls your dogs eat from too. Wash your hands after handling raw food and teach your kids to do the same. Also, make sure you buy your dog’s food from a reputable supplier who uses good quality meats.


Bones are dangerous

Feeding your dogs the right bones is not dangerous BUT not all bones are suitable for dogs. Cooked bones should NEVER be fed to your dog - they become brittle and may splinter. Weight bearing bones should also be avoided.

Raw non-weight-bearing meaty bones from animal parts such as brisket, necks, tails and ribs are the best choice. They’re softer so your dog can chew and swallow them - not only do bones provide essential calcium and other minerals but they are nature's toothbrush and essential for good dental health.


Feeding raw is expensive

A good quality kibble purchased online can cost between $9.18 to $18.28 per kilo depending on whether you purchase in bulk compared to around $10.50 per kilo for raw mixes. Dogs fed a raw diet are generally healthier so reduced vet costs should also be taken into account.

Is feeding raw expensive? No it is not.


Raw food makes dogs aggressive

Any food that your dog really enjoys may make him possessive and not want to share! Part of your dog's training plan should include good manners and polite behaviour around ALL food regardless of their diet. A raw meat diet won’t cause or worsen any behavioural struggles in your dog and it won't turn them into a blood thirsty monsters who want to kill your chickens! In fact, research shows that raw diets actually improve your dog’s behaviour cause they feel great!


The best food is vet prescribed

We love our vets but most veterinarians are not nutrition experts. I think most of us would question any nutrition expert who recommended a heavily processed diet (kibble) over a whole food diet (raw)

Fortunately more and more vets are becoming aware of the health benefits of a raw diet and many now support species appropriate diets.

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