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Is my dog a healthy weight?

According to published national surveys, 41% of Australian dogs are either overweight or obese. It does not take much for a dog to be considered overweight and goes without saying, there are major health risks.

So how do we know what the ideal weight for our furry friends? The most accurate way is to use a body condition scoring model - below is a simplified version to use as a quick reference. It's important to remember that every dog is different - some dogs/breeds are naturally thinner. A fit, athletic, working dog will be thinner than a pet dog but that certainly does not mean they are malnourished.

For the majority of pet dog owners, dogs carrying too much weight is the main concern. Be mindful of how much you are feeding your dog and adjust their daily food allowance according to how they look and feel - if they look like they are getting a little podgy, decrease their food intake and if appropriate, increase their exercise. Don't go crazy though! Just like humans, healthy weight loss in dogs should be gradual. Keep feeding a good quality, well balanced diet and beware of dog food targeted at obese dogs. Of course, if there is ever any sudden weight loss or behaviour changes like lethargy, check in with your vet.

Interactive toys and food puzzles are great for overweight dogs and get them working for their food. For idea on ways to 'Ditch the Bowl' be sure to download our eBook which has loads of great ideas!

Give your dogs a smooch from us!

Deb & Paul

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