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Training that WORKS!

Our understanding of our canine companions has evolved over time, and as a result, training methods have shifted. To help your dog transform, we use scientifically backed, positively reinforced, fun games-based training methods.
We go beyond 'normal' dog training by focussing concepts rather than commands. While there is a place for a sit and a down, our training focuses on growing concepts like calmness, optimism and disengagement while reshaping the brain, so that, ultimately, your dog can think for themselves. This sets your dog up for success to make better choices, be calmer and go through life more optimistically while strengthening your bond. 
Our main goal at Busy Pawz is to support pet dog owners and their dogs to live happily together. We offer games-based training to build a stronger, happier bond between you and your canine companion.


1-2-1 sessions are a great option for all dogs but specifically for dogs who may struggle with reactivity, anxiety, aggression etc. We will work together to identify your dog's underlying issues or your dog owning dream and create a games-based plan to develop your dog's thinking and help them make better decisions in everyday life.

The training plan includes teaching you how to ...

• promote calmness & optimism so your dog can can learn, • interpret body language, and manage your dog's environment  so that they are prepared for success. 

 include enrichment activities like scent work into your dog's life to boost confidence and strengthen your relationship

1-2-1 sessions are available in your home, via zoom or at Busy Pawz HQ in The Oaks, NSW.



Our small classes—four dogs at most—offer a secure, carefree, and encouraging environment that fosters effective learning. Our training approach includes positive reinforcement along with fun, creative classes to support owners and their pets.

Group classes run in blocks of either 4 or 6 weeks including an online session via zoom the week before you classes are due to start. Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs at a time and last around 45 minutes. Classes are held in The Oaks, NSW. You’ll also gain access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support, further training and to share your journey with other like minded people.



As a qualified Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer, I am able to offer amazing online learning opportunities. 

With easy-to-follow vidoes and resources you’ll get access to your very own online dashboard with courses added as ‘badges’ to watch and complete at your leisure.

By using my affiliate links to purchase Absolute Dog courses, you not only get amazing content and some sneaky little extras but most importantly, you also help me spread the joy of games based training :-) 


Free Resource

Using your dog’s daily food allowance provides a pot full of awesome opportunities to let your dog know they did a great job! Being able to catch and reward your dog when they are doing something right will supercharge your training results & strengthen your connection.

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