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Why we love them?

There are loads of different harness options and it does come down to personal choice and of course your doggo. Just like any training tool, no harness is going to miraculously stop your dog pulling - training loose lead walking is still going to be a thing! 


I personally love this harness for my girls and the adjustments give enough flexibility to create a good fit. It is worth doing your research though - Dog Nation do have a few different styles and great reviews.

For me the True Love (which is pictured above) is perfect for my needs - nice fit, looks great, lots of colour options which makes it easy to know which harness belongs to who and very well made. The clip on the front strap is super handy and allows you place the harness on instead of the dog having to step into the harness (if that makes sense!) The harness has a double clip (front and back) although I generally will clip the lead on the back of the harness and the collar using our multi leads

Another handy feature is the handle which allows you to hold your dog close to you if required and I would imagine would also be handy if in the water. Overall, I just like the design and quality of this harness.

If you live locally to Busy Pawz, you are welcome to check out before you buy :-) And don't forget to use the coupon code BUSY PAWZ at checkout to get 10% off your order!

Affiliate Shopping

Searching for dog accessories can be overwhelming so we work with other dog crazy businesses to provide you with the best deals on our favourites that we cannot stock -  by using our affiliate links or discount codes you get a discount and we may get a credit/discount too :-) We only recommend products we use with our own dogs and believe are a great choice ...

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