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Dog Training Struggles?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or out of your depth with your dog's behaviour?

Or perhaps you are at a loss on how you can help your anxious or reactive dog.

Maybe you just don't have the time or are worried about attending ongoing weekly group classes ...


Busy Pawz supports pet dog owners and their dogs to live happily together -

however that looks like for you and your dog.

💚 Kind & positive training methods to grow strong relationships

🐶 Training with games to help your dog make better choices

🥣 Holistic approach incorporating mental & physical wellness 

🙂 No judgement - I work with you where you and your dog are at at on your journey

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Mindful & Fun Training 

Our training isn’t just about obedience—it’s about truly understanding and meeting your dog's mental and physical needs. We focus on building strong relationships, so you and your dog can live happily together without the stress. Simple, effective training for everyday pet dog owners who just want a GOOD DOG!

Qualified Dog Trainer specialising in games-based pet dog training with a passion for helping anxious and fearful dogs

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Qualified Dog Trainer

Nationally recognised Cert III in Dog Behaviour & Management qualification as well as certified Pro Dog Trainer specialising in games-based pet dog training with a passion for helping anxious and fearful dogs.


Games Based Dog Training

Utilising simple and fun games to engage and motivate dogs to make better choices. Learning through games builds real-life, translatable skills without using harsh training methods or ignoring unwanted behaviours. Our training goes beyond obedience training ... it's about understanding and meeting your dogs needs (mentally and physically) and building strong relationships. 

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Murphy says woof! Translation: Busy Pawz make the best, freshest and yummiest food. As well as providing me with training games that are fun, loving and rewarding. Thank you Busy Pawz!

Fiona & Murphy

Highly recommend! Deb gave us tools to be able to carry on our dogs training without being reliant on her. She explained things very clearly. Couldn’t be happier!

Gadena B

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